This just may be both the simplest and easiest lunch I have yet to make. And it’s damn good. The wrap is an 80 calorie Ezekial wrap filled with Olives of all sort, Lettuce, Spinach, Tuna/no mayo I substituted a teaspoon of dill sauce dip instead, Feta cheese (you know I love my cheese), red onions, and finishing it off with a spread of olive sauce. To say it was divine would be a heavenly understatement. Next to it is my basic saintly salad with just a dash of lemon instead of Balsamic Vinegar. In my special birthday mug, basic hot water and lemon. Trust me when I say, I could live off this meal for quite some time. And who said “lettuce is cow food”—oh that’s right, my dad’s motto. We’re currently working on that.



It’s good being back on my own turf. Being back in New York started off to a success. Those who are uninterested in discussing details may passingly say “so far, so good.” But I can’t resist— I love details. No pun intended, but I eat them up–devouring every juicy meaning hidden beneath each succulent word. See what I did there? Every adjective used was exactly how I described this saintly salad– tossed with spinach, lettuce, pumpkin seeds, almonds, strawberries, feta, scallions and craisins. Sprinkled with a little Balsamic and a dash of lemon. With a simple recipe like that, who wouldn’t beg for the details?


Picture of Falafel-Crusted Chicken With Hummus Slaw Recipe

This recipe got me at “crusted.” After stumbling upon this goldmine on the interweb, I came to the realization that everything with the word “crusted” is bound to taste good. From crusted Mac and Cheese (with Quinoa noodles, delicious.) to crusted pistachio salmon, I dare you to find one bad food that has that word in it. I can’t wait to try this!

Via: nomnomnow.