Throughout these blogs entries I showed you the following: the clothing I pine for, the goal weight I plan to achieve, and the healthier alternative menu I wish to make. However, I shed no light on who I am as an individual and what I really love. For all anyone knows, I could be taking part in the Liberia Genocide whilst blogging about my life style change in my safe zone hut back in Monrovia. Luckily, only the last half of that is semi-true. Which prompts me to leave another fact (but this time fully true): Thou shan’t be fooled, I am really  a ninety year old stuck in a twenty one year old’s body. How so? Two weeks ago I met a girl curious enough to ask the same question. So here goes: for starters, my Saturday nights usually involve some sort of Bette Davis and/or Rita Hayworth picture. Which in my ninety year old vernacular is code for “movie,”my Pandora station is almost always on the Doo-Wop station (because nothing gets my endorphins flowing at the gym like The Coasters, The Marvelettes, and some good ole’ Gene Chandler.) Lastly, I love visiting nursing homes. For a place packed with compliments, wisdom, and grace, I don’t know why anyone would stray far away when given the choice. Now, I am not that severed from my time; I know when some walk in they tend to tremble, cinch their nose up from the smell of Linesol, and even have a Danny Elfman playist going on in the back-burner of their mind. Yet, that is certainly not my case; I love it. No Elfman music, no cinched up nose, no reapplying the anti-perspirant. Just filled with pure admiration and love.The wisdom one can obtain at a trip to a nearby nursing home wouldn’t be half of the information one would get from a lunch-in with Yoda. After all, wasn’t it 85 year old Otto from Hungary who told me I look like Nigella Lawson from the Food Network? Smart and wise. But I ramble.
So seeing ninety year old Iris Apfel as the face for MAC back in January seriously left me with (so it appears) an everlasting grin. Many comments called this woman “fierce” and I couldn’t agree more. Fierce and fun. It’s no surprise this woman’s name is Iris— she is seriously eye-opening. Not to mention her last name “Apfel” means “apple” in German which is pretty much the main color palette she was working with.

Via: GeriatricStarlet”


2 thoughts on “GERIATRIC STARLET.

  1. I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to achieve my goals. I definitely love reading everything that is written on your site.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

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