Being cooped up in my family’s apartment for what seemed like a lifetime (reality: three days,) forced me to come to a few realizations. As I opened the kitchen pantry, memories from my high school years came rushing back to me. Staring at the items sitting so innocently, yet so maliciously, on the wooden shelf made it all so clear to me. I had finally realized why it is quite impossible to diet in my family’s household. Why I had lost close to twenty pounds the moment I moved out. Why I haven’t even caught myself strolling into the large to extra large aisle in a hella long time. The reason was so clear cut and it hit me as soon as my fingers pulled open the pantry door. Our household staples includes: Entenmanns donuts, Godiva chocolate, and imitation Ho-ho’s from 7-11. It couldn’t be any more clear! The reason why that age old trick of: “don’t buy it unless you can pronounce the ingredients” didn’t apply to me is because I memorized how to say the likes of “maltodextrin” and “Guar Gum.” I even perfected rolling the “r” in “Guar!” I slammed the door shut and turned my back to it (whilst simultaneously opening the refrigerator door.) With nothing but fried and processed foods sitting on the clear plastic shelf, I closed the door in dismay.As much as I wanted to stab whatever contents was sitting on the shelf to tame the stampede running a muck inside of me, I forced myself to learn the beauty of self-control. Of course, I whipped out every excuse in the book about how I will be out of here this upcoming Sunday and on my own again in New York City. But it proved very difficult to even attempt with my sister’s voice on repeat in my head saying, “poulkes…poulkes…poulkes.” I decided to do this, and for real. After all my weight and goal are both plastered on the public inter-web. Backing out on day two would be as pathetic as going to the movie theaters just for the popcorn. Which, shamefully, has been done. So, I pulled out the Kellogs box of Special K that I bought for myself (which I saw my dad feeding to the birds last night—but that’s another story) and I poured myself a bowl. Admittedly, Special K isn’t the healthiest of choices, but when the storm’s got you trapped…it’s either that or the Ho-ho’s.


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