Finally! After a week of sweating, toiling, and ultimately doing whatever it took to stave off my insatiable cravings (and incessant drawings) to whatever processed crap was laying around my Miami apartment, I am back in New York City getting fit on my own turf!

And if this past week’s progress wasn’t great enough, these past ten hours coming back to New York City has been doing me wonders!  

I have officially given up my love for white, enriched flour-filled carbohydrates! A ton of progress when such carbs were popped in my mouth more than wine corks at a Gala.

The following new rules have also been established in my food shopping criteria: 1. whatever packaged food I now buy could only have up to 3g of fat maximum (of course I use my discretion based on the item) and 2. I now have to KNOW what I am eating. Memorizing the chemical names and pronunciations by heart is a habit that has now been nixed!

But, most importantly, I have also entered a 90 day diet contest that I am visibly rockin’! Winner receives one hundred dollars and way too many things, all at once, have been calling my name…

Overall, the past week filled with lifestyle changes has been beyond marvelous.

I went for a run in Central Park earlier today, and even though it made me miss my 1950’s gym back at home, it has also helped me fully embrace the new lifestyle I am embarking on. And even though the runners in Central Park will most probably intimidate you at first, and run you over faster than they will notice you, nothing can compare to the exhilaration it brings… Even if the only way to confidently face the aggressive NYC runners is to constantly recite the verses of Woodie Gunthrie’s This Land is Your Land…it’s worth it.


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